Toxins surround us. As part of your daily detox ritual, use?yogandha detox body oil?in the morning, in the shower or directly on the skin, to boost lymphatic drainage. This Gandha ritual is a moment of self connection before you start your day.

Fragrance?? Clean, refreshing lemongrass.

  • Refreshing Lemongrass stimulates the kidneys and is thought to help lower cholesterol
  • Cleansing Juniperberry purifies and detoxes the body
  • Sweet Fennel is a great digestive ? so will ease tummies after eating
  • Juniperberries are natures antioxidants.

Please be aware that Yogandha is intended for wellbeing, not medical treatment of any kind and results may vary. Always consult a doctor or Ayurvedic practitioner if you have a health issue.