Important reasons to choose organic beauty products

Important reasons to choose organic beauty products. As we all know, makeup is part of every woman’s daily beauty regime. Each of us dedicate hours to our skin and beauty care every week to make ourselves look beautiful.

While our choice of makeup may boost our own appearance it also runs a the risk of exposing us to a variety of health problems.

Research in the UK and America has revealed that some ingredients found in our beauty and personal care products may be linked to cancer and other harmful diseases.

This has led to concern among certain professionals in the health and wellness communities about the long term affects it can have on our health.

Thankfully, there are healthy alternatives to chemically-produced makeup and beauty products .We can all enjoy as part of our beauty regime. We have listed some of the main reasons why you should consider switching to organic cosmetics.

They are kind to our environment

Conventional beauty products that we use contain a mix of petroleum-based ingredients and a host of other chemicals as part of their production process.

These include severe substances, like petroleum, aluminium, and lead. These are produced through the use of mining.
The majority of this in done in counties where the natural environment is at risk of destruction.

Places like the Amazon rainforest in South America is seeing thousands of acres stripped of vital wildlife habitation year upon year.

No harmful chemicals used in production.

Daily personal care products like antiperspirants contain aluminium. This process requires the mineral to be and is responsible for the destruction of rain forests. Research has linked them to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Opting for a deodorant that is aluminium-free deodorant is a really safe option. It prevents exposure to dangerous substance.

Chemicals found in most conventional makeup are often very harsh on skin. It can cause irritation or allergic reactions to people with sensitive skin.

Red blotchy skin is certainly not a remedy for a great beauty look. Even more importantly, lots of the chemicals used in on-organic beauty products are poisonous to the endocrine system.

Parabens and phthalates are two common examples of substances that are used extensively in the production of cosmetics.

Both of these compounds have been strongly linked to cancer and type two diabetes. Even the Worldwide Environmental Protection Agency has warned us about the harmful effects it can to their exposure.

Embrace natural fragrances

By learning not to shop with our nose can also help us when it comes to buying safe beauty products. Scents used in the majority of beauty products consist of a mixture of harmful chemicals.

Man-made smells expose our body to a range of toxic effects, and some research has linked them to cancer, allergies and birth defects.

When selecting a beauty products, ensure that the scents are made from 100% natural ingredients. Things like essential oils are one of the best natural perfumes in the world.

Protect yourself against premature ageing

Makeup produced using natural minerals can provide a certain level of sun protection. The skin on our face is delicate and more prone to UV-related skin ageing. Choosing an organic cosmetic that is mineral-rich can help support healthier skin.

Lots of organic products provide vital antioxidants like Vitamin C which has proven to be effective in shielding our skin from the sun. Getting the right makeup that protects us from the sun in warmer months is important.

They are more gentle to your skin

It has been proven time and time again that organic cosmetics are gentler on the skin. You have to ask yourself, why would I want to use products that have a negative impact on my skin.

Why would you want to use a product that not only dries up your skin?. Some cosmetics that use harmful chemicals in their composition only have short term benefits,

None of us want our skin to age prematurely. The same applies to our health and the negative impact deadly cosmetics can have to our well-being.