Switch To Natural Haircare

When did haircare become complicated? Try to track down the ‘perfect’ shampoo and conditioner and you’ll find a billion different bottles with a billion different additives and chemicals promising to make your hair fabulous. These promises don’t come cheap, can be confusing and cost the earth in more ways than one. Most of the shampoos

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How to Support the immune System- During Covid era

With your kids back to school for the first time in forever and university students returning to campus just around the corner, we all need a pick me up! In the COVID era, supporting our immune system is more important than ever. Our range of immunity and energy boosting products is exactly what will do

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‘Clean Beauty’- What does it really mean?

In an attempt to live a little cleaner, and therefore greener, from the beginning, we have always been focussed on the concept of ‘clean beauty’. The terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are circulated a lot in the beauty world, but it’s challenging to understand what clean beauty really means, especially when there are no legal standards

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Why use Hand Creams?

We use our hands all day, every day. They’re subjected to harsh elements, grimy work conditions, and all kinds of irritating substances. Combine that with the fact that most people rarely, if ever, apply SPF to their hands, and it’s no wonder that our hands are one of the first parts of our bodies to

Top 13 Benefits of Organic Soap That You Must Know

Here is an important blog at this time to get a natural & organic Soap. The covid-19 epidemic has made natural & organic Soaps a must in this climate. It is also a must to support Irish-made Soap companies. In the Pharmacy we have an Irish Made Soap company-Donegal Natural Soap  that has a range

When It Comes to Ethics Holos Skincare Takes Things Very Seriously

Here is a great blog on how Holos Skincare takes care of our world and how their ingredients help people around the world. how they want to protect the world we live in for the better. We make skincare products, we make products that benefit your skin through skin surface and epidermal nutrition. The most

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Green Angel- Bodycare; Your go-to guide on looking after your body

From speaking to Green Angel customers, we noticed that people really look after their skin on their face with a strict regime. But, they do not have the knowledge on how to look after their body to the same extend. Nor do they have the time. Skin is our largest organ. It is our first

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