The Cancer Moonshot accelerate cancer research aims to make more therapies available to more patients, while also improving our ability to prevent cancer and detect it at an early stage.

To ensure that the Cancer Moonshot’s goals and approaches are grounded in the best science, a Cancer Moonshot Task Force consulted with external experts, including the US presidentially appointed National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB). A Blue Ribbon Panel of experts was established as a working group of the NCAB to assist the board in providing this advice. The panel’s charge was to provide expert advice on the vision, proposed scientific goals, and implementation of the Cancer Moonshot.

The goal: Target research areas that specialists find most promising.

Immunotherapy,is a new and exciting area of theropy and is transforming care for some hard-to-treat cancer, and often is less toxic than standard chemotherapy. But scientists don’t understand why it works for some patients and not others. To try to uncover why, the report urges creating a national clinical trial network for immunotherapy.

Likewise, scientists have long known that genetic differences inside tumors help explain why one person’s cancer is more aggressive than another’s, and why treatments work better for one patient than the next. Increasingly, major cancer centers are “profiling” patients’ tumors to help guide treatment.

The moonshot report recommends creating a national network to give more patients around the country access to tumor profiling. Those patients also would be able to share their genetic data with researchers, and volunteer for cutting-edge clinical trials of treatments that match their genetics.

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