I started using the Bryt Night Cream during exams when my skin was feeling the effects of lots of late nights studying and the stress of exam season! Its easily absorbed into the skin and is particularly beneficial for people with eczema, rosacea and dry patches but can be used on all skin types. I find that my skin is so sensitive so there are lots of products that I can’t use, however, Dun Laoghaire Pharmacy specialises in natural products and the Bryt Night Cream is over 95% natural so it only helped my skin rather than causing me more problems!! This night cream has cleared up all the dry patches on my face and my skin soaks up the cream like it’s the Sahara Desert!

The cream contains vitamin E which is clinically proven to reduce the appearance and swelling of acne. There are soothing essential oils such as Rose Absolute, Chinese Geranium, Palma Rose and Lavender which help relax the skin deep down which helps regulate and improve the tone of the skin.

The product costs €29.50 and I’ve had mine for about two weeks so far and have used about a quarter of it so I’d say you’ll easily get two months out of it! Of course, this depends on how much of it you use! It’s a 50ml bottle so is perfect for hand luggage if you’re going away this summer.