Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream

Like her character in Eat, Pray, Love, Julia Roberts likes to live holistically. One of her favourite brands is Dr Hauschka and she swears by the Rose Day Cream. With extracts of rose petal, rose hip, and avocado to sooth the skin and reduce redness, the cream’s ingredients- like those found in the entire Dr. Hauschka line- are biodynamically grown and harvested. The cream is also kept fresh with natural botanical preservatives instead of chemicals.

Jennifer Aniston’s skin always looks good. But why? Her most recent find is –Dr. Hauschka. (Madonna is also a huge fan of the Dr. Hauschka line.)

Jennifer Lopez also raved about Dr. Hauschka, “I love that Rose Cream by Dr. Hauschka”

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are made with the highest quality botanicals and mineral—ingredients naturally instilled with powerful nurturing properties that work in concert with the body’s rhythms and processes.


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser:

This soap-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and affordable cleanser is a go-to product for the stars. Zoe Saldana considers the cleanser her most trusted skincare product, saying, “I’ve always used Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer. My skin’s not very sensitive, but because I travel so much, it sometimes reacts to the change in environments.” Claire Danes and Charlize Theron also regularly use the cleanser, the latter saying she loves “the clean smell”.

Epsom Salts:

Epsom salts are not actually salt but a natural compound of magnesium and sulcate that can regulate over 300 enzymes in the body, help flush out toxins and form proteins, according to the Epsom Salt Council. Soaking in Epsom salts has been a long time soothing ritual, especially for athletes, but stars are now using it to relieve aches and pains and calm their muscles and mind.

Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan of the miracle mix. “I take an Epsom salt bath every night to wind down,” says Paltrow when discussing the natural way she relaxes.

Health and fitness expert and Jennifer Lawrence’s trainer, Dalton Wong, gave the actress some Epsom salts to bathe in the night before the BAFTA Awards in 2013 to help get rid of any bloating in the body. “It’s a great trick that anyone can use if they’re working up to wearing a particularly clingy dress,” said Wong.

Victoria Beckham and Elle Macpherson are also said to be fans.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil:

Cara Delevingne has called Trilogy Rosehip Oil “a skincare hero product“. “I like to add a few drops after cleansing in the evening and before my moisturiser come morning” which she has explained. It is also the secret behind the Duchess of Cambridge’s radiant complexion too.