From speaking to Green Angel customers, we noticed that people really look after their skin on their face with a strict regime. But, they do not have the knowledge on how to look after their body to the same extend. Nor do they have the time.
Skin is our largest organ. It is our first line of defence against disease and infection. Although we all want our skin to look tight, toned and radiant- it’s really important to have our skin healthy. Green Angel know that it is essential to make sure your skin is healthy so, to make things easier, we have a composed a quick go-to-guide with all the knowledge you will need to understand body care; all in the time of one shower a week.


Seaweed Bath and Shower Gel

Just like your face, your body needs to be clean before you start moisturising. In the bath or shower, clean your body with a shower gel that isn’t going to be harsh or drying on your skin. To put it simply, make sure all your products work in Harmony. A shower gel that dries out your skin makes your cream work even harder, leading to less visible results and it’s pretty anti-productive. Try Green Angel Seaweed Bath & Shower Gel. It is beautifully fragranced with organic Mandarin and Lavender with all the nourishing benefits of seaweed and essential oils.


Sunrise Body Smoother

Exfoliation really is key if you want to bring life back to dry, dull skin. Exfoliation removes dirt, oils and dead skin cells from the skin. When the skin is rid of its barriers, the moisturising creams can now do its job more efficiently. Try Green Angel Seaweed Sunrise Body Smoother. This smoother combine’s essential oils, seaweed and sea salts. Try exfoliating in the shower once a week to begin with and build up to 2/3 times. Start at your feet and working your way up to your neck and chest.
TOP TIP; keep a spoon near your body smoother to assure the perfect ratio of salts and oils are used every time. The oils and salts separate natural.


Argan Body Oil


When you are just out of the shower is the perfect time to moisturise. Pop on Green Angel Argan Body Oil for deep hydration. Use upwards motions on the arms and legs and circular motions for the rest of the body. This will help relax your body combined with the aroma of the essential oils to really brighten your mood. Make sure to focus on the back of the legs to help make the skin appear smoother, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. For an extra luxurious treat, seal your Green Angel Argan Body Oil in with Green Angel Body lotion.