The best form of protection against Malaria (and many other diseases) is try to ensure you are not bitten by insects while abroad.Following some basic guidelines will help to reduce the discomfort and the risks involved in insect bites.

Where possible avoid going out of doors between dusk and dawn.Some species of mosquitoes will bite indoors also but nevertheless the majority of these insects tend to prefer to eat out!!!

Wear long sleeved clothing to cover your arms and longer dresses or trousers to protect your legs.

Avoid dark coloured clothing as they tend to attract mosquitoes .Wear light colours.

Use insect repellents.Usually ones with a high content of diethyltolumide(d
Deet) are most effective we stock repellents with up to 90 % Deet.It is important not to exceed manufacturers dosage especially in young children,and if you have sensitive skin patch test a small area of skin first.

Apply to pulse points.

Where possible choose an air-conditioned room .Ensure its working properly to be effective.

Use mosquito nets where possible ,check no breaks in net and no mosquitoes inside the net before you or your child retires for the night.

Securely close any screens on the doors and windows before dusk.

Use anti-mosquito sprays around the room as it gets dark,concentrate on doors and window frames,also spray the curtains and the centre of the room.

Mosquito coils and electric heated mats which release toxic compounds to the mosquito are of value but the high pitched sound buzzers are not recommended.

Don’t use perfumes or aftershaves especially in the evening as these attract mosquitos and other biting insects.

If you are staying in a hotel choose a floor above the third as mosquitos and sandfly a tend to prefer lower levels and the intensity of bites should be less.

If you are in an area with a lot of mosquitos try and ensure they are not breeding in open water containers around you house some only require a small amount of water to breed.