See previous blog about how to avoid insect bites.  But unfortunately most of us end up with bites anyway and here’s the best way to handle them..

Carry some antihistamine ointment with you to use as soon as you see any insect bite.  Without a prescription you can buy Anthisan or Eurax ointments but if you require something stronger your doctor can prescribe an ointment containing a steroid and an antibiotic.

Have antihistamine tablets with you.  These are available without a prescription are non-drowsy and need to be taken once daily.  They can interact with alcohol so important to reduce or abstain from alcohol.

If your allergy is severe you may need to take antihistamine tablets throughout your time abroad.  Start the day before you leave home and continue during holidays and for a further day on your return.

If you have very severe reaction to bites you may need to carry an Anapen and wear a medi-alert bracelet.  It is very important to discuss this with your doctor before you travel.

Try not to scratch bites because this is how they become infected.  Rubbing gently has some soothing effect.

A Luke warm bath or shower will often sooth the irritation from bites.

If you have been badly bitten while away, it is advisable to contact your doctor on return.